Innopex Capital Corporation is constantly on the lookout for solid investments.


Private Placements 
  • Venture Capital
  • Advisory Services
  • Raising funds with joint venture partners
Real Estate Investments 
  • Limited partnerships
  • Outright buyouts and refinancing


  • Taking companies that match a specific profile public on the TSX venture exchange


Source Of Funds 


  • Internally generated financing
  • Bank line of credit
  • High net worth investors.


We invest with confidence and a spirit of partnership in companies with:

  • A history of profitability
  • A management team with a proven track record and a viable vision for the future of the company
  • Clear, demonstrable growth potential


Our merger and acquisition partners enjoy the advantage of our experience, expertise, reputation and secure sources of substantial funding:

  • Over 20 years of successful mergers and acquisitions
  • A skilled and educated team, including an MBA and LL.B., who are experienced business people with financial savvy and a talent for thorough due diligence


Get In Touch 


For More Information, please contact:
Josh Frankel, 905-660-7716, ext. 223, Email:,
Aaron Wagschal, 905-660-7716, ext. 222, Email:
Or visit our Contact Us page.
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